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2 Powerful books on Revival!

Revival Or We Die:
A Great Awakening is Our ONLY Hope

On the brink of collapse, our nation’s only hope is a visitation of God’s power and presence.
What will heal the deep racial, social, and political divisions that are tearing us apart?

How can we stop the evil of human trafficking?

What can turn the rising tide of opioid addiction?

What will cure the epidemic of fatherless homes?

Man-made laws and policies don’t hold the answers. Social programs and initiatives fall hopelessly short. There is no political solution.
We must have divine visitation.  We must have awakening.  We must have revival.

In Revival or We Die, respected biblical scholar, bestselling author, and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown calls the American Church back to God and His Kingdom purposes.

He presents a prophetic “state of the union” address, offering a candid look at the United States and revealing why our only hope is a true spiritual awakening.

Written with the same passion and zeal that characterized his early books, How Saved Are We? and Whatever Happened to the Power of God?, Dr. Brown issues a fresh clarion call to every true believer in this generation.

“...God sees the condition of our souls, how we have exchanged professionalism for the anointing, how we have traded dependence on the Spirit for fleshly endeavors, how we have substituted a carnal business approach for our first love devotion. Now is the time to awaken!” 

If we are going to save our nation, the American Church must…

  • Rediscover the lost Word of God.
  • Restore the fear of the Lord by catching a revelation of divine judgment and calling the Body to holiness.
  • Rekindle the fire of first-love zeal and simple devotion to Jesus.
  • Reignite a hunger for the all-consuming Spirit of God.

The stirring message of this book is what every Christian must hear at this crucial moment. Our nation is at a tipping point, and you can play a pivotal role in the mighty revival that God longs to bring.


The Revival Answer Book:
Rightly Discerning the Contemporary Revival Movements

What is revival? Would you know the real thing if you saw it?

Does revival extend beyond a group of believers to reach the community or the nation?

To experience revival, must you travel to some place with thousands of people? Why can’t God just meet you at home, one-on-one?

And must revival always come with unusual manifestations and emotional displays?

In this clear-headed, biblical guide, Michael Brown answers these questions and many more without a syllable of negativity or evasiveness, but with plenty of passion, using everyday language you can easily understand.


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