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Seize the Moment (Pre-release Exclusive)

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Respected theologian and Bible scholar Michael L. Brown, PhD, saw firsthand the impact of the long-running Brownsville Revival on the church and the nation.

He believes another powerful move of God is on the horizon, and he doesn't want believers to miss or squander that moment.

In these pages, he lays out 25 proven ways to cultivate and sustain revival so it changes lives, communities, and nations.

Drawing from a wealth of biblical wisdom, past revivals, and personal
experiences, Dr. Brown offers insights on navigating the delicate terrain of God's powerful work. With sincerity and grace, he explores the pitfalls, challenges, and common missteps that can hinder the full expression of a move of God, sharing practical strategies to avoid them.


  • The vital role of humility in stewarding and sustaining revival.
  • Counsel for handling controversies, criticism, and conflicts.
  • How to maintain a healthy balance between embracing the supernatural and operating in biblical truth.

Whether you're a pastor, longtime Christian, or new believer hungering for a fresh touch from God, this book is our trusted companion.

Dr. Brown's profound insights and relatable anecdotes will equip you to avoid the common pitfalls that have derailed previous revivals, enabling you to steward the precious work of the Holy Spirit with wisdom, discernment, and love.

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