Let No One Deceive You - Confronting the Critics of Revival (imperfect)

Let No One Deceive You - Confronting the Critics of Revival (imperfect)

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Let No One Deceive You - Confronting the Critics of Revival

Just what is revival? Would you know the real thing if you saw it? Does revival extend beyond a group of believers to reach the community or the nation?

To experience revival, must you travel to someplace with thousands of people? Why can't God just meet you at home, one-on-one? And must revival always come with unusual manifestations and emotional displays?

In this clear-headed, biblical guide, Michael Brown answers these questions and many more, without a syllable of negativity or evasiveness, but with plenty of passion, using everyday language you can easily understand. And when he talks about revival, Michael Brown knows whereof he speaks.

When people dispute the validity of current revivals, how do you know who is right? Dr. Brown looks at revivals and at the arguments critics are using to question their validity.

After examining Scripture, historical revivals, and their fruit, Dr. Brown comes to a logical conclusion: God's Spirit is moving.

Includes the following chapters:

1. Who is Deceiving Whom?
2. Scorning the Sacred: When Critics Enter the Danger Zone 
3. Noble Bereans or Negative Brethren?
4. Characteristics of a Critical Spirit
5. Let No One Deceive You
6. Was Jesus a False Prophet?
7. Did Satan Get Saved?
8. Does the Devil Have a Monopoly on Miracles?
9. Are we Living in the Last Days?
10. All Shook Up Over a Little Shaking
11. Now don't Get Too Emotional!
12. A Lot of Fall Out Over a Little Falling Out
13. Is Good News Bad News for the Gloomers and Doomers?
14. Let No One Take Your Crown

Appendix: Counterfeit Criticism:
A Review of Hank Hanegraff's Counterfeit Revival

**IMPORTANT NOTE** in a later version of this book (The Revival Answer Book), the appendix was removed due to some very fruitful interaction Dr. Brown had with Hank Hanegraaff. The removal of this appendix, (as well as Hank's removal of references to The Brownsville Revival), was an reflection of the fruit of genuine fellowship between two men who love the Lord Jesus (rather than the changing of our theological views). 

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