*Special* YEAR-END Digital Download BLOWOUT

As we close out 2018, gathering around family and friends, we want to say thanks.  

First to the Lord - for His everlasting loving-kindnesses, and second to you - all those whom the Lord as connected to us in various ways.


So amidst the bustle of this wonderful season, be encouraged to take time to press-in towards the Lord, and draw strength from the richness of His love and truth. 

And as a small gift from us this year, get an instant 40% OFF all our Digital Downloads by entering the code: YEAREND for as many as you'd like - right up until Dec 31st.

One of the many advantages of our digital resources is that you will be able to easily download and immediately access your selected items (which you will keep permanently). No waiting, no delaying, and best of all, no shipping costs!

Our Digital Resources vary from audio to video format and from teaching series to debates. There are a plethora of topics to choose from such as: apologetics, Jewish ministry, spiritual warfare, prophetic ministry, predestination, revival, and prayer & intercession. The available topics are not only wide in scope but also deep in content.


So take time to set your minds and hearts on the Lord this blessed season, and be enriched in Him!